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Vývojářské novinky z Buildu

Nemáte čas sledovat online přenos z konference Build? Nevadí – na tomto live streamu shrnu všechny novinky, které si na nás .NET vývojáře Microsoft nachystal, a doplním k nim i svůj pohled. Uvidíte, co se chystá v rámci .NET 5, na co se můžete těšit ve světě Microsoft Azure, a mnoho dalšího.
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Intro to DotVVM: What's in it for you

This is the first session of DotVVM Virtual Conference from April 2020. In this session, we'll introduce the DotVVM framework in general, and show you a basic demo of how it works.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
Two scenarios when DotVVM is worth it - 00:06
What is DotVVM - 1:26
How to build new web apps in DotVVM - 3:32
How to start? - 10:59
Demo - 11:34
How does it work? - 24:07
DotVVM Controls - 30:04
DotVVM Features - 31:31
DotVVM Platform - 36:45
Resources - 40:42
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Thinking in the MVVM way

In this session, we'll talk about the MVVM design pattern and explain how to use it in real-world scenarios - CRUD pages, multi-area pages and modal dialogs.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
What Model-View-ViewModel means - 00:26
ViewModel in DotVVM - 2:56
ViewModel life cycle - 6:09
Demo Introduction (Grid and Detail page) - 8:46
Demo - 11:48
GridView control - 13:36
Route registration in DotvvmStartup - 14:25
Demo ViewModel - 16:00
DataContext property in View - 24:55
Visible property - 31:03
Combobox control - 31:58
Validation - 35:34
Kepp ViewModel simple - 44:19
ViewModel nesting - 49:00
Model dialog as custom user control demo - 51:21
Useful tips - 1:01:33
Working with Collections - 1:04:58
Dynamic CSS classes - 1:07:09
Summary - 1:08:43
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Progressive Web Apps

In this session, we'll gonna talk about progressive web apps and their integration with DotVVM. We'll cover various PWA caching scenarios, and show a demo of a real-world progressive web app.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
Introduction: 00:36
Web App Manifest file - 03:57
Service Worker - 06:30
Caching strategies - 17:49
Demo Introduction - 22:41
Trusted Web Activities (Android only) - 39:14
Google developer tools - 44:47
PWA builder - 46:46
Android application - 50:03
iOS application - 52:34
Real World PWAs - 56:28
Demo Service worker and notifications - 58:15
Summary - 1:22:24
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Modernize your Web Forms apps with DotVVM

In this session, we'll focus on integration of DotVVM into existing Web Forms projects, and we'll talk about the decision of modernizing versus rewriting the entire application.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
Why care about WebForms in 2020? - 01:29
How can DotVVM help - 10:42
Move to .NET Core - 12:35
Refactoring of business logic - 15:13
Migration process visualization - 22:29
Considerations - 37:59
Move back-end to .NET Core - 40:12
Complete migration scenario (Sample repository https://bit.ly/2yEgr0k) - 44:37
Cheat Sheet and ASPX Converter - 47:42
Demo migration - 49:00
Rewrite or modernize? - 1:36:49
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Features for faster DotVVM apps

In this session, we'll cover some DotVVM features that can help you to speed up your application. We'll talk about static commands, block operators, Visible vs IncludeInPage property, and more.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
@import directive - 00:52
Static command binding - 02:36
Block operator in command bindings - 17:04
IncludeInPage vs Visible properties - 27:58
@services directive - 31:13
Summary - 55:06
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Boost your productivity with DotVVM Controls

In this session, we'll dig deeper into commercial DotVVM control packs: DotVVM Business Pack and Bootstrap for DotVVM, and show you some cool features.
⏲ Timecodes ⬇
DotVVM and third-party controls - 00:33
DotVVM community build controls - 04:38
Bootstrap for DotVVM - 06:04
Business Pack for DotVVM - 08:10
New features in Bootstrap for DotVVM - 11:13
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DotVVM Virtual Meetup: Building Custom Controls

Tomáš Herceg 4/17/2020 1358
We have shown a demo of how to build custom controls in DotVVM.
First, we have built a SanitizedHtmlLiteral, and then we've shown how to implement the EditableForm control.
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Microservices v .NET Core a Project Tye

S nástupem cloudů, kontejnerů, Kubernetes a jiných zvířátek se mnoho vývojářských týmů nadchlo pro myšlenku microservices architektury. Ve chvíli, kdy se vám projekt rozpadne na spoustu menších spustitelných služeb, začnete narážet na různé problémy – jak služby propojit mezi sebou, jak je nějak hromadně spouštět a debugovat v developerském prostředí atd. Zároveň se budete potýkat s tím, že produkční prostředí se bude od toho developerského hodně lišit – v produkci poběžíte v Kubernetes, ale lokálně se vám možná nebude chtít kontejnery používat vůbec. Na této přednášce si ukážeme, s jakými věcmi se budete potýkat, a co si musíte vybudovat sami.
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.NET Core with WebAssembly

All major web browsers understand WebAssembly portable target and .NET Core 3.0 is shipping with experimental support for it. Come to see how you can convince your browser that C# is the best language it can run.
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War stories z .NET teamu

Expect deep dive into a few interesting investigations we faced on .NET team in the last decade.

War stories about:
* Investigations spanning years,
* Dormant bugs coming to life after a decade,
* Root-causes leading to surprising places,
* How we rooted-cause problems with minimal information available,
* Shocking impact of bugs on real world.

We will also cover:
* Root-causing HW bugs (avoid the one-machine problem),
* The value and art of minimal repro,
* Innovation and compatibility - the age-old rivals.

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.NET cross-platform experience

Practical experience with developing on or for Unix OSes with .Net Core.
Talk will focus on behavior differences, debugging tools and various surprises one can bump to while migrating from traditional .Net Framework eco system to other OSes and architectures.
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